Revenue Sharing

Communities matter in the 51st District.  My work ethic as your State Representative will be to improve our communities, our neighborhoods, our schools, and our natural environment.

As the former Mayor of the City of Linden for twelve years, and another six years of service on the Linden City Council, I've learned first hand when decisions are made in Lansing and the harmful impact our communities.  For instance, during the Granholm and Snyder administrations, local governments have lost over $8 billion in revenue sharing.  For the 51st District, our communities have lost out on $15 million in revenue sharing.  Can you imagine what your city, village or township could have done to maintain our local roads, purchase the needed emergency equipment for our police and fire departments, playground equipment in our parks, among other spending priorities.

For instance, here is what our communities should have received in additional state statutory revenue sharing since 2002:

  • Argentine Twp:                $932K
  • Atlas Twp:                       $752K
  • Gaines Twp:                    $970K
  • Clayton Twp:                   $1.35 million
  • Flushing Twp:                  $2.3 million
  • Fenton Twp:                    $1.9 million
  • Holly Twp:                       $601K
  • Groveland Twp:               $1.01 million
  • Rose Twp:                       $886K
  • Holly Village:                   $2.6 million
  • Goodrich Village:             $372K
  • City of Fenton:                $3.6 million
  • City of Linden:                $1.2 million

TOTAL:                                  $15,721,627

As your State Representative, I will work to restore this needed funding for our communities.

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