As I have served my community for eighteen years and worked on behalf of higher education for sixteen years, there are a number of issues that I am concerned about and would like to work on as your next State Representative in November.

Last fall, while the State of Michigan was competing to land one of the Amazon distribution centers, what was clear as to the reason why our State did not make the cut was a number of issues.  First and foremost, its the lack of an educated workforce and the lack of mass transit.

These issues can be solved in the long term, but we need to work in partnership.  This isn't a partisan issue.  Rather, it's an issue that concerns all Michiganders.

As your next State Representative, I will share my thoughts on issues with you and I want to know your thoughts and experiences. I invite your discussion.

Some candidates will offer just sound bites this year.  But sound bites don't solve problems.  A healthy and deliberate conversation on issues is where we will find the common ground to move Michigan forward.  Our State is already great - but there are problems that need to be solved.  Let's work together to find those solutions.


Create an environment that will increase the number of jobs in the 51st District.



Cities, villages, townships and counties deserve their fair share. The State 



Provide funding to school districts that volunteer to a year round calendar.


Issue_Header__Higher_Education.jpgA new commitment to our high school seniors to provide "last dollar funding" to earn a two or four-year degree or trade school.

Issue_Header__Natural_Environment_2.jpgProtecting Michigan's natural environment, inland lakes and rivers.


Do you share these priorities?

Together, we will make a difference.

Get involved in David Lossing's Campaign.


Communities Matter.

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